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Network Operators & Service Providers

The lines between communication, media and information technology sectors have been blurring gradually over the past decade, making it an environment that investors and operators need a solid understanding of investment required, a realistic perspective on returns, and a firm sense of the risks involved before committing significant resources.


We closely work with private equity investment firms, fund managers, commercial and development banks to safeguard their interests. Acting as the trusted partner, we help investors to assess the state of businesses and viability of projects, they plan to invest. Our team members have experience in working side by side with leading financial, legal and insurance advisers to help clients understand and mitigate project risks and develop projects to the stage where they can achieve Financial Close. 

Our team members acted as Lender’s Technical Advisor on major communications infrastructure projects at both Pre and Post Financial Close stages.

Over the top (OTT) players are increasingly pressuring the traditional service revenue lines of communication service providers, pushing them to become dumb connectivity pipes. Strategic change and innovative planning in commercial, technical and operational functions have become inevitable tasks that communication service providers need to undertake to secure their future.


On the other hand, the same developments created new opportunities and business approaches such as open access models, infrastructure/network as a service, deep infrastructure sharing and more. Furthermore, the emergence of low power narrowband IoT networks, created a new and very large market which could not be sustainably addressed previously.


We assist fixed, wireless, converged network operators and communication service providers with developing strategies and business plans, improving their business efficiency, and fulfilling project and interim management roles.

Most of our team members held senior and executive roles at technology vendors and network operators in their career, hence have hands-on experience in dealing with the challenges facing these organisations.     

Governments & Regulators
End Users
End Users

Today, the socio-economic benefits of broadband connectivity are proven and acknowledged by most governments. Furthermore, access to broadband communication service is increasingly seen as a human right. Nevertheless, digital inclusion requires expansion of broadband networks extensively, sometimes to the areas that are not commercially viable. Therefore, governments and regulators have a very strategic and challenging task on their hands. 

The development of a successful strategy in this area requires a unique blend of skills and expertise encompassing government, communications industry and private investment. 

We work with regulators, local, regional and national governments to overcome these challenges. In recent years, our consultants were engaged in numerous regulatory and publicly driven projects in this field. 

Digitalization, driven by the internet of things and broadband services, is increasingly getting embedded in everything we do. It has the potential to reform markets, businesses, industries and societies.


Aligned with this trend, the developments on the network infrastructure side creates new commercial opportunities for large end-users of technology, such as power utilities, railways, airports, malls and other property management companies.


We help large end-users to develop technology strategies which support their business objectives and at the same time allow them to generate additional revenues from their investments in communication networks. Our consultants delivered various technology and commercialization strategy projects for large end-users.     

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