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Investment Analysis
Investment Analysis
Data Strategy & Analytics
Data Strategy & Analytics
Strategic Support
Strategic Support

Our due diligence engagements aim to identify and mitigate project risks associated with equity or project finance investments. In particular:  

  • Commercial Due Diligence aims to validate revenue and cost assumptions used for the financial model. Furthermore, it reviews the potential impact of market and regulatory developments that may have an impact on the target business. ​

  • Technical Due Diligence covers a review of the technical solution to validate the appropriateness of design for the stated function. This usually entails a review of technology, network design, equipment and infrastructure providers, coverage and capacity, resilience and robustness of communication infrastructure in question.

  • Operational Due Diligence aims to investigate the appropriateness of current and proposed future organisation, processes and tools, for serving clients, and supporting strategy and governance of target business.

  • Legal and regulatory Due Diligence focuses on the relevant frameworks for the various tasks, market structure in response to or despite those frameworks, whether they act as enabling frameworks or lack certain aspects, and whether or not these frameworks are practical and appropriate, and sufficiently flexible to permit (and where necessary, mandate) the proposed project to be implemented. 


Post Financial Close- acting as Lender's Technical Advisor (LTA), we focus on the operational and technical issues that may impact cost, schedule, and performance both from Lender's and Borrower's perspectives. We recognize that the Lender’s exposure to risk is reduced by reducing the Borrower’s exposure to risk.

Operational Support

Start-up and established players alike require substantial support for capacitating their early-stage operations in new territories or introducing new products and services. Given our well-established network in the industry, we are able to support early-stage operations with experienced teams, combining our team members with other industry experts. Our operational support services include but not limited to;   

  • Operational structuring and process development

  • Project and Interim Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Analysis of and advice on the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks

Policy & Regulation

A solid strategy requires a holistic approach that clearly defines the business objectives, investigates the market opportunity, structures the organization, outlines the technology requirements and aligns the processes and legal and regulatory tools in support of the business objectives. We help our clients in developing and implementing strategies that lead them to success.


Our business plan development services turn strategies into structured, detailed and well-documented plans. It is our view that the development of a business case should follow a simple, logical and transparent process, striking the right balance between expert input and client engagement. The business plan development studies typically entail business case definition, development, computation and reporting tasks.

Operational Support
Policy & Regulation

We work with medium to large size companies and industries to save time, improve efficiency and monetize their data. Our range of services include;

  • Data diagnostic to quickly assess and improve current data capabilities of our clients with the aim of understanding if they need to adjust existing capabilities or change their strategies and what underlying technologies they may need.

  • Analytics Strategy to understand what our clients would like to achieve with their data through which we assist by creating and developing Analytics Strategy and Roadmap.

  • Vendor selection to assist with selecting the right technology solutions to deliver data strategies of our clients with an impartial approach.

  • Implementation to overcome skill gaps, capacity constraints in implementing data analytics tools and strategies.

  • Data governance to ensure our clients’ data are protected and properly organized across the organization while ensuring regulatory compliance. We draft policies, enroll data stewards, create processes, rules, and definitions that govern the management of our clients’ data.

  • Data architecture to integrate data across different systems to speed up the decision-making process. We manage the integration of systems, processes, data, and information. We bring data from all of our clients’ systems, store it in one place, manipulate raw data to standardise it, and then make it available to be consumed by the business.


We help local, regional and national governments to develop sustainable broadband projects through our strategy, business plan policy analysis, and development services.


We also provide regulatory advice on applicable laws, high level in policy and law development, competition and market analysis, and cost modelling regulatory risk assessment.  This advice extends to making the most of an existing framework, assessing risk within that framework and/or advising on more appropriate measures steps to enable the outcome required within the framework.

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